Breast augmentation– popular breast implant size

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Small breast – a new trend in plastic surgery

The best size for your breast implants

According to the research of the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons and the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, the most popular trends now are breast augmentation with implants which are smaller in size and operations on areola reduction.

The demand for small implants and nipples is becoming more and more popular today. Some plastic surgeons think that the fashion for small implants is connected with the desire of patients to achieve a more natural, proportional result. During the past 20 years the majority of women dreamed about a large breast. But today the situation has changed. We all understand more about large implants and their detrimental effect on the contour and remodeling of the chest wall, as well as atrophy of the breast tissue.

American plastic surgeons are sure that the overall craze for fitness made women be more conscious about choosing their new breast. Women who are engaged in sports activities don’t want massive implants any more. They want to feel more comfortable and to look more attractive. This tendency leads to a decrease in the diameters and volumes of the breast implants so, nipples and implants of a smaller size are becoming more and more popular. Moreover, to emphasize the beauty of their small breast and nipples lots of women select for nipple piercing. There is no doubt that beautiful nipple rings of classic design a wide selection of which you will always find on our website can make any woman with small breast and small nipples look more elegant.


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