The secrets of leather bracelets

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Leather bracelet – main characteristics of the accessory

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Leather bracelet - a fashionable item or a stylish accessory?

Since the ancient times leather bracelets have been a symbol of strength, power and dignity. It is an excellent choice not only for people who prefer classical style but also for those who like to stand out from the crowd by unusual appearance and clothes. Leather is a noble material, which, thanks to modern processing, can get any texture or color. Leather items are durable and they possess an ability to look like new for a long time.

Types of bracelets

In general, there are bracelets for women and men. Fashionable leather bracelets can be smooth or braided (in one or several layers). They also vary in size and color. I’d say this is a simple classification, since there are lots of different types of this accessory in the world.

Men's leather bracelets

Leather bracelet is considered to be solid, and in some cases, even brutal accessory. This fashionable accessory is becoming more and more popular and it takes the third place after watch and French cuffs. Leather bracelets can be worn with any outfit, whether it’s a business suit or a casual T-shirt and jeans. This stylish accessory is able to reveal and emphasize the individual features of its owner. But at the same time leather bracelets for men are characterized by elegance and minimalism.

Leather is universal material. Manufacturers use different types of leather. For example, the latest novelty of designers is a stingray leather bracelet.

The most popular types of bracelets for men are:

  • Simple wide bracelets - they look absolutely brutal, especially if they are made of black leather.
  • Braided or multi-layered bracelets - in this case, exotic leather (python, stingray) is often used.
  • Bracelets decorated with different kinds of symbols (animal heads made of steel or wood) or chains.
  • Leather bracelets with golden items – they are quite expensive but they look really elegant. The best colors for this type of leather bracelets are red and brown.

Leather bracelets for women

Female leather bracelets impress with their incredible variety. They all differ in style and color, decoration and design. Classic leather bracelets will perfectly suit those girls and women who prefer standard lines or original ideas. Such decorations are good for an informal meeting, a birthday party and even business negotiations. The main advantage of this accessory is that it does not make hand look heavier. It feels good and doesn’t cause any irritation of your skin. Leather bracelet is a convenient and practical item that will not remind of itself, but will be the highlight of any image.

The most popular types of bracelets for women are:

  • Wide and massive models. These are the decorations which can easily attract other people’s attention. Bracelets of bright colors look more interesting and fashionable.
  • Thin straps – they are usually put on hand in a few turns. Today this type of female leather bracelets is extremely popular.
  • Leather bracelets with metal items. Such type of bracelets includes different kinds of rivets, buckles and spikes. They look quite aggressive and they are suitable for those girls who are not “white and fluffy” and can show claws at times.
  • Braided bracelets made of genuine leather. This type of bracelets is made of leather of natural shades. They are suitable for almost any type of clothing, look beautiful and extraordinary.
  • Leather bracelets decorated with stones, silver, wood, fur, etc. Such jewelry looks expensive and luxurious.

Care instructions:

Do not allow it to get wet. If it happens to get wet - dry it in normal temperature. Clean leather bracelet with a damp cloth or cotton pads and liquid soap. You can also use some special liquids for leather items, in this case follow the instruction on the bottle.


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