Belly Rings

Belly Rings

Belly button piercing rings, which you can buy in our online store IROOCCA, is one of the most popular type of piercing jewelry. Here you’ll find cheap and cute belly button rings made of surgical steel and other materials.

The fashion for navel piercing came to us along with the fashion for low rise pants and skirts, as well as on the tops. At first such jewelry were worn by hippies, but now people of different social groups, ages and gender make belly piercing.

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Surgical Steel Belly Jewelry - Navel ring with Opal stone, belly button piercing

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Belly Rings
High-quality handmade Belly Rings from IROOCCA

We offer you a large number of design solutions, among which you can choose the option for all occasions! Welcome to our catalog, where the navel rings of various colors, shapes and sizes, simple and luxurious, with or without gemstones are waiting for you!

Our assortment of unique belly button rings

The most popular forms of such jewelry are barbells, bent barbells and dangle belly button rings. All of them are represented in our online store. They are easy to put on and take off: you can buy several belly button piercing rings, create a whole collection to change them in accordance with the outfits and your mood! It will be very easy thanks to the huge selection and affordable prices on the navel rings.

Most of the presented products are made of surgical steel. This metal is the best to wear immediately after you get piercing and in the future: it is hygienic, easy to clean, looks noble and promotes rapid healing. If you want to get belly button rings made from other materials, such as sterling silver or gold filled, please contact us for advice on this.

Also, we are making most of the items with gemstones, which you can choose on the jewel’s page. There are a lot of colors, so you can pick up those that match the color of your eyes, hair or clothes. In addition, the color of the metal is also available to choose from. It could be steel, yellow, pink or black.

Since all our products are handmade, this gives us the opportunity to make unique belly button rings for each client. We try to make the range as diverse as possible, constantly adding new positions and expanding the range of materials used. And of course, the quality of all our hand-made belly piercing jewelry always remains the highest!

How to care for a navel piercing?

Cleanliness and proper care are the basis for normal hole healing, which during the first few days represents a wound open to viruses and bacteria. Therefore, do not touch the fresh puncture with dirty hands, because you can bring an infection and cause inflammation. A week after the procedure, it is not recommended to take any blood-thinning drugs and alcohol. Be sure to clean the wound after taking a shower.

Remember that healed belly button piercings need to be cleaned whenever you take a shower or bath, turning or pushing a piece of jewelry to clean off sweat, dirt, and sebum.

Here are some simple rules:

  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Rinse the hole with a disinfecting solution from both sides.
  • Put disinfecting ointment.
  • Press the hole with your fingers and pull it off slightly (this is necessary to get the ichor and keratinized skin cells out).
  • Gently move the belly button ring in different directions, so that the ointment gets into the channel.
  • Repeat these procedures 2-3 times a day for 14 days.
  • Do not remove the ring until it is completely healed, otherwise the hole will instantly tighten.

Buy online belly button piercing rings

To order the piece of jewelry you like, check all the necessary parameters on the item page and add it to the cart. There you need to fill out information about your order, which will take you just a few minutes. We also invite you to register and join us in social networks! This way you will be able to find out about all the new items and discounts that we often offer to our beloved customers.

We sincerely hope that you will find the belly button rings you dreamed of here.

We wish you a pleasant shopping and waiting for you again soon!