The most beautiful or the most popular ones: the criteria of the best tattoos

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Choosing a tattoo

Choosing a tattoo is not so easy

Tattoo art is becoming more and more popular these days. Lots of talented tattoo artists have been presenting their pieces of work to the public. These artists are creating true masterpieces. Moreover, the level of their skills is improving day by day. Every year the best tattoo artists gather together at the international tattoo conventions to show their achievements to the public. The photos of the most beautiful tattoos in the world can be seen in the galleries of those who become the winners of these conventions. But what are the most beautiful tattoos in the world?

For those who want to get a tattoo it will be useful to understand the aesthetic peculiarities of tattoo art.


Are the most beautiful tattoos in the world the most popular ones?

Not long ago the most popular tattoos among girls were butterflies, flowers and hieroglyphs. Moreover, they were considered to be the most beautiful ones. Lots of girls chose these tattoos in tattoo salons for themselves because beautiful celebrities had them. Unfortunately, if girls choose pictures for their tattoos because it’s fashionable, disappointments are inevitable.
Today one of the most beautiful female tattoos is some kind of inscription. However, we must not forget that this trend will soon pass. If you want to look irresistible, you can also pierce some part of your body. Just look at these beautiful earrings we offer in our online store and don’t think much about buying them or not.

Tattoo on back

Do only highly skilled tattoo artists create the most beautiful tattoos?

Undoubtedly, the level of skills of a tattoo artist means much. The most outstanding tattoo artists in the world can boast tattoos which are real masterpieces. But the work of each tattoo artist is so individual that we can’t even compare them. The best tattoo artists in the world follow their own styles in which they’ve achieved the greatest perfection. Among the most famous American tattoo artists are Nico Hurghado, Guy Atchinson, Carson Hill, Jun Cha, Brandon Bond, Paul Booth. Despite the fact that all these artists follow different trends, their work combines individuality and a high level of artistic skills. However, if you have an appointment with the best tattoo artist, it does not mean you’ll get the best tattoo. Even the most beautiful tattoo can cause your irritation in a course of time. If the picture does not correspond to your wishes and beliefs some day it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Guy tattoo on the back

Does the size and location of the tattoo matter?

On the one hand, the quality of a tattoo does not depend on these criteria. Some people believe that tattoos look perfectly on any back, as they are not subjected to deformation there. In fact, it all depends on the client's imagination and artist’s skillfulness. The same applies to the size of tattoos. Both - tiny and large pieces of works can be of high artistic value.


What are the criteria for determining the quality of the tattoo?

Like any work of art, tattoos must meet certain artistic requirements. Smooth contours, distribution of color, work with shadow, accuracy in a way of volume and texture are all the signs of a high quality work.
Academic knowledge of a tattoo artist plays an important role. It allows creating new interesting trends and decisions. Today 3D tattoos are extremely popular. They are realistic enough and they create the illusion of true volume. Such work cannot be done correctly without possessing artistic skills.

Which tattoo is beautiful?

The category of beauty is very subjective. If tattoo is made by a professional tattoo artist, with the help of modern equipment and high-quality paints it has the chance to become truly beautiful.


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