If you want to find something special for yourself or your loved ones, we offer you to buy unique personalized accessories and gifts in our online store.

We can put almost anything you want on our accessories presented in other subsections of this category: inscriptions, names, logos, emblems, favorite and lucky numbers, numbers of players of any sports teams and clubs (uniform, squad, jersey, shirt or sweater number), abbreviations and many other things!

This section is the place where you will find a large assortment of custom monogrammed accessories:

  • Embossed leather bracelets and wristbands, card holders, wallets
  • Monogrammed and embossed apple watch bands and chokers
  • Keychains and wallets with lucky number and names, and much more.

You can find out more about our personalised gifts and the custom accessories making service below.

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Personalized Apple Watch Band - 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm – PN0232AW

This is a very beautiful and impressive personalized Leather Apple Watch Band.


Personalized Red Leather Bracelet – PN0288L

Beautiful Personalized Leather Bracelet. Personalized leather bracelet can be a perfect gift for you or your beloved ones!


Personalized custom accessories and gifts from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade personalized custom accessories and gifts

Assortment of this section

Here you see a variety of accessories collected from subsections of this category. We want to note that we can make an emboss on almost any leather item, including those that are in other sections and are not in this one, so if you find an accessory that you want to personalize, write to us!
What items can be personalized?

  • Leather bracelets. Embossed bracelet is a wonderful individual accessory that can be presented to a child and an adult.
  • Leather and canvas Apple watch bands. Personalized iWatch (Apple Watch) bands and straps are very popular items that will help emphasize your personality and make wearing this wonderful watch even more enjoyable.
  • Keychains. Monogrammed keychains will become not only a decoration, but also a useful accessory: you can put the owner’s name or phone on it, which will make it easy to find you if you lose your keys!
  • Cord holders. Embossed, these small items will be even prettier!
  • Chokers. We can make for you personalized choker – just select your favorite model and place an order.
  • Wallets. Men's and women's monogrammed or embossed leather wallets are also a good addition to your style, and, as in the case of keychains, a name or phone on it will help find you if you lose it.
  • Card holders. Another accessory that will look great with embossing. Embossed leather card holder is a wonderful customized gift which can be given to a woman or a man.

What can be applied to accessories?

So, you have chosen the type of accessory. What can you choose as embossing? Pretty much anything! Most importantly, the size of the inscription or drawing should look good on the product, that is, be of a suitable size. We are open to any wishes, so if you have something special in mind, write to us, and together we will figure out how to implement it!

The most popular things that are often chosen to personalize leather accessories and gifts:

  • Names and initials: yours or your favorite singers, actors, athletes, historical figures, etc.
  • Any words important to the customer. This may be the name of the pet, the name of your favorite musical group, the name of the city, etc.
  • Logos and emblems, for example, of the company you work for. By the way, this is a great idea for corporate gifts for employees!
  • Favorite and lucky numbers. Numbers have an important role in our lives, so many want to personalise accessories this way.
  • Sports team players numbers (uniform or Jersey numbers) – the great gift for sports fans!
  • Any abbreviations or letters that are also important to the customer.

To buy a custom gift from us, select one of the products presented on this page. If you found the item in another subcategory and it is not here, contact us, we will take the order by e-mail. Feel free to ask us any questions you are interested in, we are always ready to help you get a personalized accessory of your dreams!