Handmade keychains: buy online our new original items!

Handmade keychains: buy online our new original items!

The keychain is a small accessory made in the form of a pendant on a chain, bracelet, key ring, etc. You can wear different small things in the form of a keychain, for example, keys, flashlight, lipstick, USB flash drive and much more.

In the online store Iroocca.com has opened a new section, and you are in it right now. Here you can buy keychains in our corporate style that is handmade, at affordable prices! There is already presented a large assortment, which we plan regularly replenish with new items, so stay tuned for our updates.

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High-quality handmade items from IROOCCA

Why have key fobs?

The main function of this small accessory is practical, so as not to lose what you hang on it. However, you can use it just for show, that's why our key holders are stylish, bright and beautiful! Also, on the ring of the keychain it is possible to attach a talisman or amulet, which will protect you from dangers and bring good luck.
It is believed that if you hang a keyfob on a bunch of keys, then they will not be lost. This custom has its own history.
Most often keys do not have bright colors, and are made of white or yellow metal, therefore, can easily get lost in an apartment or even on a nightstand, merging with the background. Another thing, if on a ring will hang a bright colors leather keychain. Such an object becomes much more noticeable, and the prudent owner spends less time searching for keys.
In addition, such an accessory is part of your image, so you should choose it according to your taste. There are in fashion now simple shapes and natural materials, so we offer you unique leather key fobs in the form of rectangles, triangles, ovals, etc. Do not neglect such trifles: they allow you to stand out from the crowd and show your individual style just as much as clothing or a personal car.

Why choose a handmade keychain?

Handwork is always appreciated more than mass production, it's a fact. There are several reasons:

  • Such things are original. You can be sure that you will not see the same accessory at your neighbor, friend or guy who walks past you along the street. And this is exactly what helps to achieve individuality and to be different from other people.
  • The products are of higher quality, because they are given much more attention when making them by hand. We try to think through every detail of our key holders, take time even for small things. As a result, we get high-quality keyfobs, which will serve a long time.

Our key chains assortment

So, look at the catalog and choose the item that you like, one or more. There are available:

  • Personalized key or car keychains. That means that in the comments to the order you should write down what name, numbers, word or letters you want to see on your accessory. We will make exactly the keyfob that you want!
  • Key holders with a picture. There are items with different symbols and images, for example, with a skull or a beautiful pattern.

Also we make accessories of the different colors, so every buyer can find something to his or her taste regardless of age, gender and individual preferences! Some items are decorated with colored stones, a shade of which you can also choose before buying.

Order keychains online

Make a purchase in our online store Iroocca.com is very simple. You need only add to cart the goods, specify the necessary data (the lettering you want to see on the keychain, or the color of the skin or stone), fill in information about yourself and specify the delivery address. We deliver the orders in any country!
We hope you will like our keychains assortment, and we are waiting for you again for shopping! Please contact us if you have any questions, or to leave feedback, we are always in touch.