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Don't hesitate to ask a question and you won't be disappointed with our professionalism, speed and service level provided.​

We will change size, repair or send you a replacement absolutely free in case you have any problems with your item.​



Earrings look very nice. Stylish and elegant look. Suitable for every day and for the celebration. Highly recommend!
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No irritation, good quality! I'm sensitive and I have had zero issues. My partner says that they taste like metal :))
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Such a great watch strap! I love it. I highly recommend it. It's a great price and high quality. I bought it to match my 38mm stainless steel watch. It matches perfectly.
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Fit my nose well. This ring seemed to work well with my nose and setting of my piercing, i'm happy, my boyfriend loves it!!!
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High-quality handmade items from IROOCCA

Buy jewelry fashion in online store at good prices

IROOCCA.com is the big online store where you can buy high-quality piercing jewelry and cool handmade accessories by good prices. We have a huge assortment of fashion jewellery in our catalog made of sterling silver, 14k gold filled and surgical steel.

What is our mission? We want to give our customers the warmth and love they receive with our products. Every single piece of jewelry is made with caring and positive emotions in our own studio. We invite you to see the assortment and choose a jewel for yourself or as a gift!

Great choice of handmade jewelry and accessories on Iroocca

  • Nose & Septum. Original nose and septum rings and studs.
  • Ear Piercing. Tragus, helix, conch, daith, rook rings, studs and clickers.
  • Nipple Rings. Section for courageous and extravagant!
  • Belly Rings. Gentle jewelry for your belly button.
  • Accessories. Leather bracelets, Apple Watch bands, keychains, cord holders, chockers, wallets and many other kinds of unique accessories.

We give every customer the opportunity to participate in the creation of your jewellery! You can choose the metal for each of the items presented here: it could be gold filled, rose gold filled or sterling silver jewelry. If the jewel is made of surgical steel, then you can choose the metal’s color: steel, yellow, pink or black.

Also you can pick the gemstone for almost of all the items from our assortment! Just go to the jewel’s page and find the line ‘Gemstone’. You can see among the photos how this or that stone looks like. We have opals and CZ of different colors, garnet, lapis lazuli, onyx, turquoise, rubies and much more. This option will help you to get the fashion jewelry of your dreams, which exactly fits your taste and image!

Our managers are always ready to assist you in shopping jewelry online. Not sure how to choose the size or thickness of the item correctly? Need help with coloring? Want to learn how to insert piercing and take it out properly? We will answer these and any other questions you may have. We want every customer to be satisfied with the purchase and come back to us again and again!

Your advantages when buying from us

Shopping on IROOCCA is very convenient and requires only a few minutes for ordering. How many times you were searching in the Google for ‘jewelry stores near me’? Well, our online shop in the nearest place that you can find! At your service – a large catalog of cheap women jewelry, simple navigation, photos and descriptions for each item, as well as operational managers support!

When choosing a suitable option, you need to specify:

  • quantity,
  • material,
  • gauge (thickness),
  • post shape (right, left, both, etc),
  • metal color,
  • gemstone.

All of our products are made by hand, so you will not find such jewelry anywhere else but on our website! Each item has a detailed description and photos to help you make the right choice.

How to buy the jewel that you liked?

First, you need to specify the required options on the item’s page (material, size, gemstone, quantity, etc.), then add it to the shipping cart, go to the checkout and place your order.

Our online shop delivers the jewelry around the world (see details in section ‘Delivery Info’). If you have not received your purchase because of failures in service delivery, we guarantee that we will refund your money! To learn more, please visit the section ‘Returns Policy’.

We invite you to join our groups in social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and others, where we regularly hold promotions and give gifts to our favorite subscribers!

Please make yourself at home, choose men and women jewelry for yourself or as a gift, get discounts and enjoy your new beautiful image!

Piercing Jewelry: buy online beautiful items

People have always sought to decorate their body with clothes, tattoos or jewelry. Along with the other piercing has long been one of the brightest ways to express person’s individuality. Modern designers offer a variety of solutions, but the best pieces of piercing jewelry are those that are made by hand.

Online Store “Iroocca.com” is a place where you will find many exciting items for different parts of your body. You can order piercing jewelry online for any country and city at affordable prices. Welcome to our catalog!

Varieties of body piercing jewelry

For your convenience, this section is divided into subsections, so you can quickly find the item you need. You can also use a filter at the top of the page.

Some main sections here:

  • Nose & Septum Piercing
  • Ear Piercing
  • Nipple Rings Piercing
  • Belly Rings Piercing
  • Other Piercing Jewelry

We have some subsections here:

  • Nose & Septum
    • Nose Rings
    • Nose Studs
    • L Shaped Nose Rings
    • Septum Rings
    • Septum Clickers
    • Septum Horseshoe Barbells
  • Ear Piercing
    • Tragus Studs
    • Tragus Labrets
    • Tragus Barbells with a ball
    • Tragus Rings
    • Tragus Clickers
    • Tragus Horseshoe Barbells
    • Helix / Cartilage Studs
    • Helix / Cartilage Labrets
    • Helix / Cartilage Barbells with a ball
    • Helix / Cartilage Rings
    • Helix / Cartilage Clickers
    • Conch Labrets
    • Conch Barbells with a ball
    • Conch Clickers
    • Lobe Stud Earrings
    • Earring Jackets
    • Ear Climber Earrings
    • Daith Horseshoe Barbells
    • Daith Clickers
    • Rook Curved Barbells
    • Rook Clickers
    • Industrial Straight Barbells
    • Industrial Curved Barbells
  • Nipple Rings
    • Nipple Horseshoe Barbells
    • Nipple Clickers
    • Nipple Barbells
    • Dangling Nipple Rings
    • Nipple Shields
  • Belly Rings
    • Reverse Belly Rings
    • Dangling Belly Rings
    • Non Dangling Belly Rings
  • Other Piercing
    • Eyebrow Curved Barbells
    • Lip Labrets
    • Tongue Barbells
    • Fake Septum Rings
    • Dermal Tops

Some of them are versatile and can be used for the ears, nose and other body parts.

Each piece is unique and different from others. Talented and experienced masters develop and manufacture those jewels in our studio, and our customers are proud to wear them. We believe that you will be satisfied too with our assortment and design of each piece of jewelry in our site!

Handmade piercing rings and studs

Repetition work destroys the beauty and individuality, and in fact the jewelry – it is something private, even intimate. That’s why we believe that it must be made by hand with love and care.

Of course, not only the beauty is important, but also the quality. All our products are made of high quality materials such as sterling silver or gold filled, and you can wear them for many years.

In addition to the metal, you can choose the gemstones that decorate the jewels. Among the photos to each position there is a photo of gemstones, so look and order the one that suits you by color and feelings.

How to order?

Every item has photos from different angles and detailed descriptions. You should choose some options on the product page, like material or diameter, and then add position to card. You can also see all prices of the piercing jewelry in general catalog or on the item page.

Other conditions of purchase, delivery and payment you can find on the relevant pages. If you have questions or suggestions, please call or write to us at any time convenient for you. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and look forward to your orders!

All items in our shop are unique and handrafted by us. Moreover, we are THE ONLY ones who create truly handmade surgical steel designs. You won’t find here any Chines mass-produced items. We can also customize any design you like - add/change stones, add/change other elements.

We use only best quality materials to create our jewelry. We also double-check each piece quality. First, immediately after creation and secondly just before packing.

If for any reason you don’t like your item, you can easily return it within 90 days since purchase date and get a refund and exchange.

You have 24 hours to cancel the order and get your money back in case you have changed your mind.

We provide 12 months warranty on every item we make. We will repair/replace the item at no charge in case you have any problem with it.