Unique handmade jewelry for extraordinary you

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  • Unique handmade jewelry for extraordinary you
  • Unique handmade jewelry for extraordinary you
  • Unique handmade jewelry for extraordinary you
  • Unique handmade jewelry for extraordinary you
  • Unique handmade jewelry for extraordinary you

Beautiful and trendy handmade jewelry: buy in our online shop

Every person wants to stand out from the crowd somehow. And the best way to truly stand out it’s just to be yourself. For doing it we can use clothes, accessories and ornamentals. You can also buy handmade jewelry in our online store Iroocca.com, and with the help of it you will always be in fashion!
Every single piece of jewelry is made with warmth and love in our cozy studio. We hope you enjoy a selection on our website, our prices, and of course, the quality of the goods.

The assortment of our jewelry catalog

  • Rainbow Collection. It’s bright colors and delicate forms, it’s elegance and beauty, embodied in a variety of jewelry. There are nose rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, with which you will shine and charm!
  • Ear Climbers/Wraps. It’s stylish women jewelry that allows you to create a unique image that will be remembered by other people! There are different shapes and colors, you can choose either something simple and refined, or something more catchy.
  • Piercing Collection. We have variants for different parts of the body: rings and studs in the nose, septum rings, tragus rings and studs, cartilage, nipple rings and etc. This wonderful jewelry will help you to be unique and charming every day!
  • Necklace Collection. There is a huge number of amazing necklaces and pendants available, such as horizontal and vertical, with gemstones, luxurious, simple and many others.
  • Earrings. This is something that complements the everyday image of almost every woman. We created a unique earrings collection, where you can find items both for everyday wearing and elegant – for coming out party.
  • Bracelets. Marvelous design bracelets will also be an integral part of your image, emphasizing the beauty of your hands and drawing the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Septum Earrings. Piercing of this part of the nose becomes more popular, so we follow fashion trends and create these great pieces of jewelry in the septum for people who are not afraid to be not like everyone else!
  • Non Pierced. It’s cuffs for the nose, septum, tragus and cartilage/helix. Suitable to girls who don’t want or afraid to do the piercing, but wouldn’t mind to wear such kind of jewelry.
  • Men's Collection. Of course, we did not forget about men! Specially for fashion-mongers we have brutal jewelry for men, which will emphasize your image and help you win the heart of any beauty!

Additionally, we have a section "Special Collections" which includes "Sales", "Amazing Gems" and "Rainbow Jewelry".

Features of jewelry we product

You can choose the metal for each of the items presented here (we make gold and silver jewelry), gemstone and some other attributes (for example, length for necklaces, etc.) Therefore, you are involved in creating the look of your jewelry, and you will get a unique product that fits your taste exactly!
Each item has a detailed description and photos to help you make the right choice.
Every detail is really made by hand in our studio. So you will not find such jewelry anywhere else but in our website!

How to buy here the item you liked?

First, you need to specify the required attributes on the jewelry page (material, size, gemstone, quantity, etc.), then add it into the cart. Next go to the cart and place your order.
We offer delivery to any country. If you have not received your purchase because of failures in service delivery, we guarantee that we will refund your money!
We also recommend you to look into the "Sale" section, where we offer incredibly low prices for our wonderful jewelry.
Please make yourself at home, choose men and women jewelry for yourself or as a gift, get discounts and enjoy your new beautiful image!

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